Grupos de Pesquisa e Extensão


Related to the Department, nowadays there are numerous extracurricular activities of research and extension, developed by the center for advanced studies, program of continuing education, and groups of extension and/or research.They are:

·        CEPEA – Centro de Estudos Avançados em Economia Aplicada [Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics] (initially called Agricultural Economics Research Center): since 1981, it conducts studies and develops research projects applied to agriculture and agribusiness. Website:http://

·        PECEGE – Programa de Educação Continuada em Economia e Gestão de Agronegócios [Continuing Education Program in Economics and Agribusiness Management]: since 1986, it promotes continuing education programs (face-to-face and distance learning) and conducts research and extension projects. Website:, contact

·        ESALQ-LOG – Grupo de Pesquisa e Extensão em Logística Agroindustrial [Research and Extension Group in Agro-industrial Logistics]: since the 1990s, its main objective is to develop projects applied in logistics in the agroindustrial sector. Website:;

·        PET – GAEA – Programa de Educação Tutorial – Gerenciamento e Administração da Empresa Agrícola [Tutorial Education Program – Management and Administration of the Agricultural Company] (linked to MEC/SESu): since 1988, it seeks to develop a critical vision and learning and communication ability between academics of ESALQ.

·        Economia Florestal – Grupo de Extensão em Economia e Administração – CEPEA Florestal [Forestry Economics – Extension Group in Economics and Management – Forestry CEPEA]: since 1997, it conducts economic studies on the sector and monthly produces the Informativo CEPEA Setor Florestal [CEPEA Forestry Sector Newsletter];

·        ESALQ Júnior Economia [ESALQ Junior Economics]: since 2003, it provides consulting services and extension in different areas/sectors, such as Índice Semanal da Cesta Básica de Piracicaba [Weekly Index of Piracicaba’s Care Package] and Índice de Confiança do Varejo de Piracicaba [Confidence Index of Piracicaba’s Retailing]

·        ADECA – Agronegócios [ADECA Agribusiness]: since 2003, it elaborates projects on market analysis and economic viability.

·        GEEDES – Grupo de Estudos e Extensão em Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social [Study and Extension Group in Economic and Social Development]: since 2004, it aims to contribute to local and regional development through solidary projects.

·        GEMT – Grupo de Extensão em Mercado de Trabalho Agrícola [Extension Group in Agricultural Labor Market]: since 2008, it develops studies and extension projects on agricultural labor market. It also analyzes aspects of sustainability of biofuels;

·        GESER – Grupo de Estudos em Seguros e Riscos [Study Group in Insurance and Risks]: since 2009, it conducts studies on economics and marketing, information technology, monitoring and statistics, and actuary in the insurance and risks industry.

·        MarkESALQ – Grupo de Pesquisa e Extensão em Marketing - ESALQ [Research and Extension Group in Marketing]: since 2011, it conducts studies, projects, and promotes extension events in marketing;

·        GAEES – Grupo Análise e Extensão Econômica e Social [Economic and Social Analysis and Extension Group]: since 2012, it conducts studies on economic and social issues, such as human capital stock, child labor, and income education and transfer.

·        EQUONOMIA – Grupo de Extensão em Equinocultura [Extension Group in Horse Breeding]: since 2012, it promotes the dissemination of knowledge and conducts research and extension projects on the sector.

·        Grupo de Extensão Bandeira Científica ESALQ [ESALQ Scientific Flag Extension Group]: since 2012, it elaborates projects on economic, social, and environmental development, using intervention methods in communities.

·        ECOACRA –Grupo de Extensãoem Comunicação da Associação da Agricultura Familiar e Agroecológica de Americana [Extension Group in Communications of the Association of Family and Agroecological Agriculture of Americana]: since 1989, it seeks to develop – as an educational practice – the family farmer/student relationship – extension agent.

·        GESP – Grupo de Extensão de São Pedro [São Pedro ExtensionGroup]: since 1989, it studiesfamilyagricultureand rural extensionpracticeat COOPAMSP – Cooperativa de Produtores Agropecuários do Município de São Pedro [CooperativeofAgriculturalProducersof São Pedro].

·        GEPHAC – Grupo de Extensão e Pesquisa em História da Agricultura e dos Complexos Agroindustriais [Extension and Research Group in History of Agriculture and Agro-industrial Complexes]: since 2005, it promotes the diffusion of agriculture and agro-industry as well as their prospects.

·        Grupo Terra – Grupo de Estudos, Pesquisa e Extensão em Territorialidade Rural e Reforma Agrária [Group of Studies, Research, and Extension in Rural Territoriality and Agrarian Reform]: since 2007, it conducts special studies on the agrarian issue and agroecology.

·        GECOM – Grupo de Pesquisa e Extensão em Educação e Comunicação Ambiental [Research and Extension Group in Environmental Education and Communication]: since 2009, it carries out activities related to environmental education in the Rio Corumbataí river basin.

·        Grupo de Extensão para Estágio em Educação [Extension Group for Internship in Education]: since 2012, it develops practical activities in information technology as a tool to support teaching of biology and agricultural sciences.

·        Grupo Hortifruti Brasil [Hortifruti Brasil Group]: Extension group located at Cepea focusing on market intelligence of farm products. It operates in direct contact with producers, wholesalers, exporters, industries and agents of the horticulture sector, collecting information about 13 markets and developing materials to assist in the agent’s decision making. Some of the material produced is available on the web page: