The Department of Economics, Administration and Sociology (LES) aims to offer courses that allow students a global formation, encouraging them to be proactive and to practice citizenship. After the end of the course, they must be ready to act in society transformations, presenting answers for major contemporary problems. In other words, LES courses are not based on a sequential structure, but are focused on building knowledge, and students participate through research and extension programs composed by professors of department.



The Department of Economics, Administration and Sociology offers subjects for seven courses in Esalq (Agronomic Engineering, Forest Engineering, Economy, Environmental Management, Food Science, Biology offered at night and Administration). LES is responsible for 100% of subjects in Administration, 95% of Economy.


Besides the Post-Graduation Program on Applied Economics (PPGEA), the Department of Economy, Administration and Sociology offers a new program of academic masters in Administration (PPGA).

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